Ablebodz Fitness:So You Say You Want To Know About Us?


Ablebodz Fitness came online in 2007, with a simple mandate, create Tee shirts that look cool and at the same time inspire people to get into any type of fitness program-hence the Motto 1 Rep 1 Step 1 Goal, Fitness For All.

Originally, Ablebodz focused on clothing designs for those with Physical Challenges to their fitness goals, but quickly realized that is actually everyone in this world and expanded our designs to appeal to the general public. From those who overcome being in a wheel chair or who are training for their first Marathon, we all face challenges en route to our goals. For inspiration Ablebodz has been known to look at the legacies of people like Terry Fox, Rick Hannsen, the Late Christopher Reeve, all who have over come limitations faced in reaching their goals.

As Ablebodz looks forward to the future, we hope we can find new heroes and future legends to look up to as we all take that next step and do that next rep on the path of our individual fitness goals. Care to come along on the ride?

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